Job Interview Training

It’s time you mastered that Job Interview!

Interview skills and coaching strategies are designed directly around the job you are applying and interviewing for. I want you to succeed, so I will work with you to help you get the role you want.

I teach my clients that preparation is key to having a great interview. You’ll learn what the interviewers really want to know, the best way to answer tough questions, and how to close the deal.

I will provide you with the right skills and knowledge so that you are well-prepared and able to present yourself confidently without the anxiety or stress.

My Interview Coaching process is well-organised and, is based on the CAR method. You need to plan and prepare for your job interview as there are other applicants wanting the same job, so this is your last chance to make an impact and impress the interviewer.

By Planning, Preparing and Practicing you can be confident and you can land your next job interview!

  • Jeff
    Interviewing scared the crap out of me.  Thanks so much for helping me believe in myself and preparing me for what was to come.  I wanted them to ask more questions.  I was very prepared and felt great during and after the interview.
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